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Suppernova Chemicals

+91-181-2242211  (Mob) +91-9815891393
Opp. P.T.U. Backside Bharat Shocker Ladowali Road, Jalandhar City -

Chemical Leather

 (Mob) +91-9417028827
Vijay Dyes & Chemical 17-B, Basti Bawa Khel, Jalandhar City -


+91-181-2334333  (Mob) +91-9925345678
U-12,Bombay Market,Umarwada, Jalandhar City - 395010

PROPHYLAXIS is the manufacturer of stable chlorine dioxide in liquid form with purity 99%,.and generates NO harmful by products. Our product is highly effective for the inhibition of all type of microorganisms.


+91-181-5017362  (Mob) +91-9815410933
W.X. 146, BASTI NAU, JALANDHAR, Jalandhar City - 144002

We deals in Sodium Sulphide, fatliquors, Pigments, Binder, Rosin, Alum, Defoamer,Guar Gum, and all types of Surfactants used in Leather and Paper Industry.

Indian Safe Water Solutions Pvt Ltd

+91-181-2541411  (Mob) +91-9323644260
Lower Ground, Shivanand society,The Times of India Building,M/G Road, Naupada,, Thane, Maharashtra, India , Jalandhar City - 400602

Indian Safe Water Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a young company lead by young and enthusiastic team. The company is JV partner with European based company in India for its products. Chlorine Dioxide Indian safe water is supplier of stable chlorine dioxide in powder component and tablet form with purity 99%,It is a unique product which delivers superior disinfection and generates NO harmful by products,side effects or hazards. The environmental impact of our product is negligible. Our product is highly effective for the inhibition of all type of microorganisms,including bacteria and viruses as well.It also removes algae and bio film effectively. Dutrion is simple to use and affordable to everyone.Best replacement for chlorine and classical chlorine dioxide. Fast,long lasting and full spectrum disinfection capacity against all in water common micro organism Without toxic or carcinogenic by product Without any side effects Safe for human & animal health, foodchain and freindly to environment Easy to store and Transport Safe and simple to handle Meets the most strigent lawas and quality standards. A yield of nearly 100%. Very Limited and Low investment Can be used by small. medium and heavy users Stronger, effacious and faster biocodal function Independent working within wide Ph range from 4-10 260% more disinfection power compared to chlorine 10 times more oxidising power compared to chlorine Removes of bio fouling on RO membranes Improves color and taste of water Less sewage load by strong decrease in building organic halogen combinations like THM.Aox etc NSF certified for safe use in human and animal consumption.